Feeling Overwhelmed by Stress? Watch a Disney Movie!

Interestingly, a recent study investigated the effect of watching a Disney movie during chemotherapy for women with gynecological cancers. All 50 women in the study underwent 6 weeks of chemotherapy and the main outcomes the researchers looked at were quality of life and fatigue.

What the researchers found is remarkable – the women who watched the movies felt less tense and worried compared to the women who didn’t watch the movies. In addition, the Disney movie watchers reported energy improvements. Based on completed questionnaires, the movie watchers also had significant improvements in emotional and social functioning compared to the non-movie watchers.

This study illustrates that taking small breaks from our stress can be incredibly uplifting and even translate to positive physical changes. Whether it’s watching a Disney movie, comedy shows or reading a funny book, during these difficult times we need to be kind to ourselves and take a mental break to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety we feel.

Dr. Hoffman, ND