Yoga Improves Cancer-Related Fatigue & Sleep in People with Cancer

Many studies support yoga for people with cancer, at any stage or treatment of the disease.  For people with cancer experiencing cancer-related fatigue, a new large study demonstrated that cancer survivors who participated in a 4-week yoga program experienced significantly improved energy and overall and subjective sleep quality improvements. This translated to less daytime dysfunction (like excessive napping) and sleep medication use compared to standard care.

According to the studies, the recommended yoga frequency varies between 1 and 2 times weekly with each session being between 60 and 75 minutes long. Most of the studies involve participants attending an in-person, instructor led class however, given the climate here, this is currently not possible. There are, however, various online yoga classes, that are either prerecorded or ones that you can join live, at no cost.

Firstly, consider joining one of the online, live and instructor-led classes that we hold, here at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre. We offer 4-week long weekly yoga classes at no cost, designed for anyone dealing with the effects of cancer, funded by Better Living Health and Community Services.

Additionally, here are some of our favorite online classes to try for free, for all levels and abilities:

yoga4cancer YouTube channel

Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel

Do Yoga with Me YouTube channel