Reflections on Spring: Entering Spring with the Learnings from Winter

20140724_130121“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”

Albert Camus

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come”

Marty Rubin

Finally, Spring is upon us.

As we enter into a new season it can be an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves anew. We can observe a lot about nature that helps us to find deeper understandings of ourselves and our own human experiences.

Spring brings new life as the trees and animals wake from their rest. It can also signify a new beginning, a recharge of energy and be a time to reflect on the past Winter.

Just as it is reflected in the nature around us, Winter is a time for cocooning, gestating and hibernating. Through this process, just like the butterfly in its cocoon, on the surface it appears as if nothing is happening. But the truth is that beneath the surface, so much is happening during these times even though it may not be seen. It is in these times that we truly see the inner workings of the universe that unfold naturally and easily in our lives, without effort – just like it does in nature.

What can we take away from this view of nature and how can we apply it to our lives?

When we become still and stop the routine of life, we open to the true adventure of leaning into ourselves and the experiences around us; taking the time to be still and observe the truth that lays beneath the foundation of our lives. Each season is a new beginning. There is a season for everything in life; nature makes no effort yet everything happens as it should. Nature reminds us of this if we just take the time to observe its patterns.

As we go from season-to-season could we begin to ask: what can I take away from this season of my life? What have I learned? What have I not liked? What would I like to see changed? Allow yourself the time to go through the seasons and discover and open to all that they bring.

Take some time throughout your days, 10 to 15 minutes, to stop all activity and reflect on these questions. Remember the sequence of events that you experienced during Winter and their impacts on your life. You can record these reflections in a journal and record what you feel is meaningful to you, for example: the decisions you made or didn’t make, the changes that happened in your life, the surprises you experienced, the people you met, the conversations that you had and the insights you discovered. You can also choose to discuss these reflections with someone close to you and possibly discover a different perspective or further insights into your own experiences.

As we move forward into the warmer months let us not forget all that has been learned from our Winter gestation. As we leave the Winter behind and embrace another Spring, let us remember to sit with all that Winter has brought us and prepare once again to open up to a new season of change and renewal.

Saran Archer, MSW

Care Coordinator

CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre