Home Acupressure Treatment for Fatigue, Pain and Mood Support


At the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre we refer many of our patients for acupuncture, as this component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been shown to reduce many cancer-related side effects, such as fatigue, anxiety and depression as well as chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. For patients with cancer who are not able to access acupuncture regularly, we recommend trying self-acupressure – applying pressure with the thumb or fingers to specific points on the body – to improve symptoms.

A new study, published in January 2019, evaluating the effect of pressing relaxing acupressure points in patients with breast cancer found it significantly reduced fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression symptoms. This is a free and accessible, non-invasive therapy that may help with some of the most common symptoms our patients experience.

Relaxing Acupressure protocol to help improve energy, reduce pain, anxiety and depression:

Try this therapy daily by stimulating each point below in a circular motion for 3 minutes, on each side of the body: Anmian, Heart 7, Spleen , Liver 3 and Yin tang (central).

Spleen 6

spleen 6

Liver 3

liver 3

Heart 7

heart 7

Yin tang